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About Us

Multimedia Consulting Sdn Bhd (MMCSB), formerly known as MRCB Multimedia Consortium Sdn Bhd, is now a member of Profess Consulting Group, a leading group of specialised consulting firms based in Malaysia. 

MMCSB was established in 1999 by a consortium of ICT companies led by MRCB Berhad to design, develop and implement a Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) for the Government of Malaysia. HRMIS was one of the flagship solutions developed under Electronic Government (EG) initiatives implemented by the Government

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Solutions & Services

We help our clients to transform, grow and perform better through the following ICT and Digital solutions and services in collaboration with our Partners

We provide multiple solutions such as HR Information System, LMS, DMS, Competency-Based Training Needs System, Corporate Virtual Academy etc
We serve multiple services such as System Application Development, Video Production and Editing Services, Digital Transformation Plan Development etc
We provide training, and IT Competency Development for Digital Transformation

So you can focus on your mission vision

We’ve been the partner to thousands of people like you with whom we’ve partnered to help build their Multimedia and Technology infrastructures – so you can focus on what’s important.

Our Projects

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