System Integration


Multimedia Consulting Sdn. Bhd (MMCSB) was awarded the Integration Interface Development at Legacy Systems Project (Integration Project), aimed at integrating the Human Resource Management Information Systems (HRMIS) in the Electronic Government (EG) Package with the identified legacy systems. The objective of the project was to establish the full cycle of information sharing between HRMIS and the existing legacy systems.

Integration between the various HR-related legacy systems with HRMIS is crucial in ensuring that the interdependencies between the systems are dealt with smoothly. The primary objective of the Integration activities for EG-HRMIS is to work towards the realisation of a seamless integrated Human Resource Information System for the Government.

The scope of Integration activity was to establish a mechanism for sharing the information between HRMIS and 24 existing Legacy Systems that have been identified in the Contract document and the HRMIS Integration Plan.




New Application Centre Flagship (NACF) for Majlis Perbandaran Sepang Services Gateway Prototype project is an initiative by MDeC to demonstrate on the general concept of integration.

Among objectives to be achieved in NACF projects are:

  • Id-security  using a single identity control  to access government  online services
  • E-Statement: Online services that enable online statement can be viewed
  • E-Payment: Online services that provides online payment capabilities.

In general, one of NACF objectives is to enable multiple type of users to interact with multiple agencies or applications over a common network – the Internet and Intranet. This may be services provided to specific sets of users: citizens, for example, who needs to pay tax electronically; agencies users who needs to approve applications online




The technologies used are;

  •  Microsoft Biztalk Engine
  •  I_hub engine customise by MMCSB
  •  .Net 2.0