Project Management

The Structured Implementation Methodology - StrIM employed by our company will be tailored to suit the specific needs of project implementation by our client. StrIM adopted in our company also adopts the PMBOK standard and compliance to the PMBOK Guide. The main aim of the methodology is to drive the transformation of process, technology, people and organisation, the critical factors that determine the success of the project.


The StrIM is our integrated approach to an accelerated solution integration and implementation that is achieved through the understanding of the requirement of implementation of varying complexity, size, scope, timing and technical environment. It is a scalable methodology that is able to accommodate all levels of transformation, from straightforward software replacement to complex reengineering, while encompassing training and documentation. It is a deliverable-driven roadmap, offering a structured, “no surprises” project environment. The key features of our methodology include:

  • Deliverable-based project management plan
  • Access to best practices
  • Emphasis on transfer of technology