Installation Management

Installation Management encompasses the full range of activities to ensure that investment in a computer system is translated into maximum benefit as soon as it is installed.

The key elements of successful installation management revolve around site preparation prior to installation, checking that the system is correctly configured and ready for deployment and training of system engineers to guarantee the efficient and safe use of the system to specification. MMCSB expertly manages every aspect of Installation Management for our client.

Installation Management brings all of these elements together to safeguard a successful system implementation involving all relevant employees. Among the successful installation management activities conducted were done at Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia and Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

The Installation Management conducted in Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia and Polis DiRaja Malaysia involves the setting-up of the HRMIS Data Centre, encompassing from the site-survey to the successful deployment of the services to the clients, as well as preparing the data centre personnel to manage the services. During this stage, the clients' personel were also exposed to the operations of the infrastructure to enable them to manage the data centre.

Site Survey

By carrying out a full site survey and ensuring suitability of the site, our consultant minimizes the risk and cost of installations.


Pre-Delivery Inspection

Engineers undertake full check and configuration of the system prior to installation, ensuring that the system is deployed to bespoke specifications.


Installation Planning

Our consultants will work with the client to fully plan the installation of the system to ensure a smooth roll-out of system installation with minimal disruption to business operations.



Full professional installation undertaken by experts to guarantee successful operation from day one also safeguarding the manufacturer’s warranty.


Operations Training

Training of engineers in system operation and self maintenance is essential and provides safe, efficient operation of the system minimizing the risk of machine unavailability caused by operator error.