Change Management

The success or failure of organisational initiatives, such as system implementation or business process re-engineering, lies in the ability and readiness of its PEOPLE to embrace the spirit and objectives, manage the impact and adapt to the outcome. The effectiveness in managing the people aspect, particularly the changes brought about by the initiative, determines whether its vision and objectives will be fully realised. This is where a structured, systematic and comprehensive Change Management approach is vital.

MMCSB offers a comprehensive range of change management-related services. It includes:

  • Change Management Planning – development of change management framework, analysis of stakeholders, understanding expectations, identifying stress points,
  • Change Audit - assessing the change readiness of impacted stakeholders, identifying barriers and enablers,
  • Benefit Realisation Management – identification of benefits, development of KPIs, benefit measurement,
  • Communication Management – development of key messages, identification of targets, selection of channels and approach, development of content and material, and execution of communication,
  • Transition Management – Identification of transition areas to focus and prioritise, identification of interdependencies and critical path, identifying resources and infrastructure required to drive the change process, development of transition support strategies,
  • Change Ambassador Management – identification of change ambassadors, development of competency requirements, competency profiling, conducting development programmes

MMCSB’s Change Management approach does not hold the traditional view of change management as an abstract initiative. Rather, it is designed to be an integral part of the organisational initiative, aimed at addressing the specific project stress points at various project stages.