Business Process

In the increasingly dynamic business environment, nothing stays the same. Technological advances, political shifts, globalisation, new business culture and management concepts, cultural and socio-economic upheavals – all call for a continuously changing business processes and practices. Organisations need to evolve or risk being extinct.

MMCSB’s role is to provide a systematic framework, strategy and practice for improving business processes and functions, so that organisations are not only able to adapt to changing business environments, but also to leverage on their strengths to stay on top. Our proven methodology consists of the following stages:

  • Organisational Understanding – understanding business environment, structure, culture, stakeholders, determining objectives and improvement targets
  • Opportunity Assessment – understanding and documenting current business processes and practices, identifying critical points, identifying areas for potential improvement
  • Conceptual Design – development of conceptual framework for improvement, designing key principles
  • Detailed Design – development of new or improved business processes and practices, identifying potential organisational impact, identifying technological improvements
  • Implementation Plan – determining gaps and impacts in terms of people, policies, statutes, organisational structure, culture and competencies; developing implementation plan, identifying and measuring benefits

Whether the intended improvement is substantial or incremental, and whether the scope is specific or organisation-wide, we believe that clients can leverage on our proven methodology, experience and expertise to help realise their full potential