CEO's Message

In today's cyber business environment, being ahead of competition means formulating the right strategies, implementing efficient business processes, integrating cutting edge technologies and aligning with business partners who can add value. It is this very philosophy that navigates our approach to help our clients transform their organisations, and to create the future together.

As Multimedia Consulting Sdn Bhd (MMCSB) accomplished 14 years of business excellence and astounding track record, we can now glance back with pride at one decade of achievement. We have come a long way since 1998 and this is attributed to the hard work and determination of our employees, the support of our shareholders and the trust of our customers. Nevertheless, it does not help to rest on one’s laurels and we are consistently challenging ourselves to broaden our areas of expertise and deliver the increasingly dedicated and specialised services demanded by our customers.

We believed by adhering to the company’s core values namely God Conscious, Innovative, Customer Focus, Synergy and Stewardship, we will remain distinct from the competition and stand out for our excellence and expertise, in a business environment that is increasingly competitive.

In our quest to meet our clients' challenging business needs, we have consistently invested in new partnerships, introduced new concepts, and developed new technologies. I welcome you to browse our website and explore our array of products and services.

We look forward to listening to your business issues and challenges, and to being of service in their resolution.

Mohd Adam Mohd Said
Chief Executive Officer